End of Summer

My it seems hard to believe it is almost the end of August already. Soon school will be starting.  Our annual county fair is almost over. 

I have some new images to share with you. 

Oh and a bit of news that I haven't shared yet.  Not sure why but I didn't.  

I upgraded my camera the middle of June. I decided to go with the Nikon D7500 after debating between this one and the D7100.

I am very happy with it. I haven't even begun to explore all the things it can do. 

Now on to some of the images from I made since my last post up till now. 
All image enlarge if you click on them. 

 Touch of Red

 "Peekin over the Fence"

 Love this image of a kitty sitting in the grass watching me make images. 

 We had lots of rain the 3rd week of July 

 but not as much as places in eastern PA

 Took lots of Amish images

 and pretty barns.....

 and more barns.....

 and cows cooling off in the stream.  

We had some really hot days too.  Did I ever tell you I don't like hot.
Here are some of my favorite views of cool things. 

"Ahhhhhhhh yesssssss I feel much cooler now. 

Found this red tail hawk semi close to the road sitting in a tree. 
Still not as close as I would like to have been but one of the best shots I have of a bird.

Well I better stop for now and not show you 33 pics like last time. 

Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your August. Stay cool. 

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Michelle said…
I adore all of these images, but mostly the ones with snow! I cannot wait for the cooler weather!
Beautiful images and congratulations on an awesome camera! I especially like the winter snow shots. So hot here, they are very refreshing!!
Tom said…
...Felicia, it was worth waiting a month to see these gorgeous images. We just recently had rain, but that much. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you next month!
Super nice camera---I have a Nikon also---like it. Your imager are great Love the different weather---we don't get much snow here but after our extra hot days I would appreciate some coolness.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Enjoy that new camera.It's always fun to to get a new 'toy' to play with. I love all the shots, but I think the one that really caught my eye was the one with the flowers around the mailboxes.
Amy said…
Nice camera. When I was looking at getting a new one a couple of years ago it was a choice between Nikon or Canon, we chose the latter, kinda wishing I had chosen the first one.
Paul said…
Finally some more of your beautiful photography! I like your "Peeking over the Fence" picture.

And you've gotten yourself a new Nikon camera, you'll have it mastered in no time.
Some really beautiful images! Love the new camera, and all the beauty it is capturing!
rupam sarma said…
Congratulations for your new Nikon D7500.
So beautiful pics. Greetings.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, pretty series. I love the horses. The flowers at the mailbox and the beautiful view is a favorite. I am not looking forward to snow and winter. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!
Sandra said…
the cat is amazing.. the cows, truck and mailbox are my top 3 favorites. gorgeous as always.... a tad jealous over the camera. love that for sure
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Felicia,
Great pictures. Wonderful shots of that car in the water.
And nice to see the cows for cooling under the tree.
Congratulations with your new camera.

Greetings, Marco
Debby Ray said…
I love each and every one but one of my most faves is the kitty sitting in the field with the hay bales. Very NICE camera, my friend!
The Furry Gnome said…
Great pictures Felicia!
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Congratulations on your new camera. It looks like you are doing well with it. Of course with your skills and knowledge composing shots you could make great photos with anything but so much the better with your new rig.
I got a Nikon D5300 a couple years ago and I love it. A good camera that you have confidence in is a wonderful thing.
They are all such beautiful photographs Felicia.
I especially love your header photo - the blue, blue sky and the green pasture.
The cows cooling off is a charming one too.
Thanks for this lovely post. Enjoy your week :D) xx
Lady Fi said…
Love those pops of red! And glad to hear you're enjoying the new camera.
Hootin' Anni said…
My favorites today are the Amish scenes!

I LOVE my Nikon!
Photo Cache said…
I am a big fan of your photography.

Worth a Thousand Words
carol l mckenna said…
Beautiful nature shots ~ love haystacks and the little kitty ^_^

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Brian King said…
Beautiful photos! Congratulations on the new camera! Though, it's not really the camera, but the operator.
Gert said…
FeliCa, Amazing photos as always.

Lovely capture . I love that place . Please tell something about my captures on my blog.
Linda said…
Congrats on the new Nikon. These are great shots!
Stephanie said…
Congrats on the camera! I do enjoy viewing your photography immensely.
Pat Tillett said…
One gorgeous scene and photo after another Felicia! Great group.
Nice camera! I'm about 5 upgrades behind you.
Feel free to show as many pictures as you want to Felicia -- they are always a joy. Had to laugh at your snow pictures -- they certainly convince me that you really don't like hot weather. (If I lived in snow country, I would be just the opposite ... in winter I'd be showing hot summer pictures to warm myself up!). ( I'd rather see snow in your beautiful pictures than in person). That camera is definitely working for you!!! Thanks for sharing all.
Thomas Lee said…
D7500,same as mine,just upgraded from D90
TheChieftess said…
Some lovely shots! Love the scene of the Amish carriage! And congratulations on your new camera...have fun clicking!!!
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