Hello blog friends.  I'm still here. Time for my monthly news post. 

Actually not much news.  So how about ALOT of images.  The majority of these were made yesterday. It was a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania, the kind with no clouds, no humidity and perfect blue skies 


 Yikes its the mother ship

My beloved Big Valley from the mountain top

 blowing in the breeze

 Ummmm someone forgot something???

 Cultivating corn

Double laundry line!!!

 Country flower pots

 Handsome little fellow

 Larry, Moe and Curly

 Even farmers have pretty mailboxes too. 

Hope you enjoyed my perfect Pennsylvania scenery. 

Sharing with Tom at THE BARN COLLECTIVE

Hope you all are well and I'm wishing you an wonderful week. 


A gorgeous set of images, all 33 of them! That could have been a daily photo blog for the whole month.
Tom said…
...wowser, what a monthly post! The Big Valley looks to be one photo op after another. I've wanted to travel down there, but don't know where the time goes. Thanks Felicia for checking in. How about two mini posts a month?
rupam sarma said…
Amazing pics.
Thanks for sharing.
Lea said…
Beautiful scenes! Love the little colt, and pretty flowers, too!
Paul said…
Amazing images from Big Valey! (As you always do)

I was looking at the picture with the double cloths lines... Those lines must be incredibly tight to have that much laundry on them and still be straight!

Amy said…
is it a nice walk to the top of that mountain? bet it's quite an amazing view.
Gosia said…
Pa is a birthplace of my Grand father and his siblings. I Must visit it one Day love
Bill said…
A wonderful album of pictures---- When we first moved to our little home in the country there were three cows that would hang around our back fence. I called them Patty, Maxine, and Laverne. And that clothesline! Holy mackerel! Thanks for a great post.
DeniseinVA said…
Fantastic images Felicia. Pennsylvania sure is a beautiful state. I need to explore it more. Thank you for sharing it with us out here. The tourism board would love your photos, as do I.
betty-NZ said…
What glorious weather you had for your day out! I love the great rural scenery, it looks so peaceful.
Wayne said…
Thanks for sharing such beautiful shots of our wonderful state!
Gert said…
Felica, what beautiful country you live in. Thank you for sharing!!
Sandra said…
I did enjoy your photo story of the PA countryside, love those cows and little horse and the views are spectacular... I am wondering if they left the wire cutters there for cow thieves to cut the barb wire
William Kendall said…
Beautiful countryside!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Spectacular views. I look at that double line of laundry ad all I can think of is,'better her than me'. Looks like a lot of work.
Debbie said…
i prefer this...to a lot of words. i like to look at a picture and let my imagination run wild. your captures of the Pennsylvania countryside are really beautiful! exceptional clouds and the country flower pot, real standouts. and that pretty mailbox, gorgeous and the perfect color!!!
Marleen said…
A wonderful series, Felicia! Wonderful barns, impressive clouds, and I like how you captured those cows.
Mary K. said…
That expanse of green valley is breathtaking.
ruma said…
A wonderful transparentness. And serenity.

I wish You all the best.
Greeting and hug.
Linda said…
Lovely scenery, fantastic skies! I like the cute animals.
Brian King said…
Gorgeous country! Gorgeous photos! Good to see you post again!
Michelle said…
These photos are perfect and my favorite type of scenery. I also enjoy the photos you share on FB. Good to hear from you!
Pat Tillett said…
So many gorgeous photos! Such spectacular skies. I love those scenes.
Beautiful Felicia -- the title of your post says it all perfectly. (Although some of your photo captions made me laugh out loud!).
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Felicia,
Very wonderful pictures.
Great to see the beautiful landscapes with a clear blue sky.

Greetings, Marco
Lady Fi said…
Amazing and beautiful shots.
eileeninmd said…
Gorgeous views of the countryside. I love the horses and cows too.
Great series of photos. Have a happy day and weekend!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Hi Felicia, Pennsylvania looks fabulous through your lens, beautiful series of images. There are a lot of skyscrapers in Perth that do look really blue under our clear skies, the same buildings can also look a little grey on a dull day.. happy weekend ✨
GreenComotion said…
Hi Felicia-
Another wonderful set of your photographs.
The baby horse is so cute.
On a lighter note, please don't use your tripod to arrange the clouds perfectly before shooting :)
Happy Day to you my friend!
Peace :)
cedarmerefarm said…
Nicely done my friend! So many beautiful photos. I particularly liked the photo of Larry, Moe and Curly. They are sooo adorable.
Lady Fi said…
What a gorgeous set of shots all set off prettily with those blue skies.