Monthly News

Evening friends.  

Thought I should do my monthly "catch up with you all news blog post".  I will share a lot of images with this post since its been a little over a month since I posted.  So lets get started. 

Spring finally did arrive with all the beautiful flowers.  Some of my favorites.

 beautiful blueberry blooms

columbine....impressionistic style and from my own flower garden.

 amazing apple blossoms

 drop dead gorgeous dogwood

and wonderful wisteria.

And then of course spring time wouldn't be complete without......

 dandelions and.....

 wild mustard

 look at this beautiful golden carpet...

and of course spring time and you can always count on......

 new babies

and some adults getting a bit of fresh air. 

and brothers riding down the road together.

You can tell from some of these images that I've been using Topaz Studio. I love experimenting with the textures and tons of effects. 

If you are still here, thanks for sticking around. Hope you have a great week and month ahead. 

Sharing today with Tom for THE BARN COLLECTIVE


Joyful said…
Beautiful! The program you are using is very effective.
Tom said…
...Felicia, spring in your neck of the woods sure is gorgeous! The barns, critters and that pony cart are just wonderful. Thanks for checking in, let's do it again next month!
Everything beautiful. I too love Spring.
Paul said…
Miss your pictures from Big Valley, you need to do your monthly updates weekly!

Sure do like the results you are getting with Topaz Studio.
Jutta.Kupke said…
These are amazing pictures!
Wonderful blossoms, great processing !
And the landscape is very impressive
Warm regards from Germany
Visiting from Macro-Monday
That's a wonderful set of pictures. I particularly like the animal portraits. I hope we see more images soon.
Bill said…
I really like all of these very much--- but I'm a sucker for the horse in the window!
Wayne said…
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful collection, it certainly makes me feel like it's finally Spring.

I like your processing with Topaz.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, beautiful flowers. I love the farms, barns and critters.

Happy Monday and have a great new week.
Lea said…
Beautiful flowers! Love the horse looking out of the barn photo!
Have a wonderful week!
Latane Barton said…
The effect on your photos are quite impressive. Love the soft images.
Sandra said…
amazing photos as always.. I see most or a lot of them on FB.. I love the flowers, the columbine is amazing, the apple blossom and dogwood tie for first place
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Felicia,
Nice pictures. Great to see them all.
The landscapes are amazing.

Greetings, Marco
Debby Ray said…
Gorgeous photos, my friend. I have downloaded Topaz but have only played with it a bit. I need to watch some YouTube tutorial videos. :D
Ruth Hiebert said…
This is a lovely collection of photos.Spring moves by so quickly but you managed to capture so much of it's beauty.
Michelle said…
I love your photos and enjoy keeping up with you on FB!
It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see your amazing photography Felicia.
NC Sue said…
Beautiful photos, Felicia. I love the way you've used layers in your florals.
Thanks for linking up at
Brian King said…
Gorgeous photos! The flowers are beautiful and I love your horse shots!
Birgitta said…
Wow! Wonderful collection of photos!
Denise inVA said…
Thank you Felicia, your photos are a joy. Gorgeous flowers, sweet animals and breathtaking scenery.
I'll have to check out Topaz Studio! I'm in love with the textures in your images! :)

With Love,
Hootin' Anni said…
Beautiful scenes! Of all, I really favor the delicate columbine!
Just had to stop by and say how much I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs here.
Just lovely, thank you.

All the best Jan
Ida said…
Your photos are just so wonderful. I'm loving the one with the mustard field.
Stephanie said…
Wow! Love the images! Especially the old barn.
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Felicia! Always good to see you pop up on Feedly.... and always more than good to see your beautiful pictures. Spring looks wonderful in your Paradise!! The baby animals are so precious -- the country side is so green and lush -- and I always love to see the Amish wagon shots. Just lovely.
Lady Fi said…
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.
Nancy Chan said…
Love your photos of the beautiful countryside!