Happenings From Last Week

Evening blog friends.  My here we are in March already. 
It has been a busy, busy last two weeks for me at the office. 
Finally I get a weekend to rest a bit. 

So thought I would share some things that happened this past week 

I have been experimenting in Topaz Studio with composites.  I find it much easier to do one 
in Studio than Photoshop. I have much practicing to do yet but here is my first attempt. 

My base image.

added a texture by Jai Johnson .

Then thought it needed something else so added a flower. It's really rough but I'm happy with my first attempt.  I will be practicing some more. 


Thursday night into Friday, Winter Storm Riley bypassed us with rain and a bit of snow. It was much worse to the north and east of us. 

The mountains Friday morning were covered with ice at the very top and so beautiful. 

 The winds picked up after the storm passed and it was quite blustery too. 


After work Friday I was out hunting hunting for images when I came upon this unused barn.  Old barns like this make me sad. I always want to know the story it has to tell. 

Isn't she beautiful. But she looks so cold and lonely. 


Saturday we went out for groceries and to eat lunch . Of course we went to Big Valley. 
The blue skies and clouds were putting on quite a show. 

So these are some of the sights I seen last week. Hope you all had a good week and wishing you a good upcoming week too. 

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Sweet old barn---lovely landscape!
Love the Hummer--I just put out our feeder because THEY are BACK!
Tom said…
...snow and ice sure can beautiful, your images are fabulous! That weathered barn looks mighty good to me and then you finish up that killer sky. Wow, thank Felecia for sharing!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Wonderful collection of photos. I think you did a great job at the composite photo.
Carol Mattingly said…
What gorgeous serene barn images. Simply beautiful. And your practice with the hummer was stunning. Really. Love the flower with the hummer. So beautiful and ethereal. Carol
Bill said…
Lovely shots, for sure.
Lady Fi said…
Lovely texture in the bird shot and marvellous winter photos too!
Linda said…
The mountains looks so pretty! I like the hummingbird too.
rupam sarma said…
Beautiful pics.
Nice work on the composite shot. The barn pictures are superb too.
Debby Ray said…
Really beautiful shots! I have Topaz Studio and have only experimented a few times. I really need to watch some tutorial videos. Love the hummer shot! The wind was packing it's punch here in NC too but no storm. The barn shots are stunning...and like you, my mind always goes wondering about the old buildings and barns and the stories they could tell...wonderful images of them! Enjoy your week, girlfriend.
Sandra said…
the barn is beautiful and really looks quite sad to be left all alone. buildings get a certain look when abandoned. the home across the street, the lady has been in assisted living for a year, the house is starting to look unlived in, although it has power and the grass is cut once a week. it just looks unlived in. love you composite at the top and that last photo with the SKY is amazing
NatureFootstep said…
love yoru hummingbird somposite :) and nice barns.
Thank you for sharing the wonders of your week Felicia. Your pictures are always stunning. I admire you so much for teaching yourself to use those apps/treatments (I'm so behind times I don't even know for sure exactly what they're called :((. I feel the same way you do about abandoned barns and homes. You know there is a sad story behind them, but they do make wonderful photo subjects (especially in your talented hands).
Linda W. said…
Nice capture of the hummingbird. They are so hard to photograph.
Brian King said…
Great job with Topaz! I like to use that and Nik with Photoshop. Beautiful snowy landscapes!
dee Nambiar said…
The barn does look sad and lonely. But they are beautiful images.
Lovely snowy landscapes too.
Playing with those images looks like a lot of fun. :)

Have a great week ahead, Felcia. :)
Paul said…
I like the results you're getting with Topaz Studio.

Nice snow scapes but "BURR", still looks pretty wintery there... Thankfully Spring is only 3 weeks away!
Christine said…
Such beauty even from a stormy weather system! The barn shots are fabulous and the skies in Big Valley are spectacular! What a treat!
NC Sue said…
I love the way you've edited the hummingbird photo!
Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/03/orchids-endless-source-of-beauty.html
likeschocolate said…
Lovely lovely images! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely week!
Debbie said…
i was reading along and came to "hunting"...for a second i thought, "she doesn't seem like a hunter" then i read "for pictures" and it all came together. i like that, i hunt for pictures as well!!!

these are beautiful, i like the dabbles of snow, and the winter grasses. i also like the perspective in the last picture!!

the humming bird is really special, i have never done anything like that but it is really beautiful!!

happy to be able to stop by today. thanks for fixing things up!!!
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Beautiful images. I really love the barn.

You know I have not had much sucess with Topaz Studio. It seems to bog my machine down much more than photoshop does and I can't figure it out. I love the other Topaz products that I have and I continue to use them via Lightroom and everything is great.
Those Topaz Studio effects are amazing! Loved the base shot...then loved the background...then loved it with the flower! They were wonderful. Also loved your snowy landscape shots and barn! Have a great week.
Nanci Thomas said…
I think you did a great job on the composite; it's beautiful.
All your images are stunning. I feel the same way when I see an old barn. They all seem so sad and lonely.
Al said…
Your composite came out well. I love your winter landscapes! We haven't had much winter this year...
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Yourfirst attempt is very cool.It looks you have very cold days. But the last photo is extremely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Amanda McCusker said…
Really awesome image editing! It looks cold there, but pretty! Stay warm and have a great week!
Wow, I love the composite image you created! I didn't even know you could use Topaz for this. Thanks for the tip, and I'll be trying it out.
I know you know I love the Topaz Editing you did of the hummingbird! I love all your photos but the last one of the big fluffy clouds was my favorite--wonderful perspective!
italiafinlandia said…
Very nice composition with the hummingbird!
Stanley Hattman said…
Well, you certainly had a good week of shooting!! First off, the composite was quite successful; only a beginner?! The landscape and barn shots are excellent: I think placing the barn off-center was a great idea; seems to increase the sense of its isolation. That last shot is awesome; the clouds seem to be trying to enfold the farm buildings.
Photo Cache said…
You really are a magnificent artist; your photos are incredible.

Worth a Thousand Words
Angie said…
The last shot is truly spectacular!!!
I love hummingbirds and I love winter, ergo, I love this post a great deal :)
Pat Tillett said…
Beautiful photos! I have the same questions when I see old abandoned places. Who? Why? When? Where did they go?
The hummingbird photon ended up looking as much like a painting as a photograph, but it still beautiful. I need to find some time to experiment with post processing software also.
Beautiful editing with the hummingbird photo. Lovely to see the wintery landscape under the amazing skies. If only old barns could talk......She's a beauty. x Karen
You made good use of your few days off. Your composite project turned out really well. The photos of the barn and the clouds are beautiful. Yes, I agree; the barn looks very cold and lonely.
Ela said…
Beautiful texture with hummingbird! This is really a photographic art!
Happy weekend !
GreenComotion said…
Hi Felicia-
Wonderful work, especially on the Hummer.
Crisp and beautiful images.
Have a Happy WE!
Peace :)
Piękne zdjęcia!!! pozdrawiam:)
Wonderful experimentation with the hummingbird and the backgrounds and that flower was a perfect addition, Felicia. I agree that the bard did look rather forlorn as they always do seem to appear. The clouds were magnificent.