Catch Up Time Again

Except I never seem to get caught up.  

Bits of news.  

I'm still trying to find a printer for my canvas prints but as much trouble as I'm having I'm actually beginning to wonder if I should just forget it. Every time I think I've got a good lead it falls through.  I really hate to do online but I may be forced to. 

Been sick again with nasty intestinal bug.

 It's still cold and winter here. 

Mom is doing real well. 

And I'm still not blogging anymore than when I had two jobs......sigggghhhh.

Here's an of my favorites actually....from early this year. 

Hope you all have a great week and I'll catch up again next time. 


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Linda said…
How charming! The Amish buggy looks perfect in this setting.
rupam sarma said…
Stunning pic.
Take Care. Keep Blogging. Greetings.
Paul said…
Beautiful scene, I can see why it would be a favorite!

Don't give up on your canvas idea, use the services of a local printer or online if need be until you find the right printer for yourself. Canvas and your style of photography are a perfect match!
That's a great picture. Take care.
Suzy said…
This is a great find!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, what a great rural scene and photo. Have a great day and happy Easter to you and your family.
NC Sue said…
What a beautiful sight - that picture is a winner!
Thanks for linking up at
Sandra said…
hi, good to see you pop up
Linda W. said…
Lovely scene. Welcome back to blogland!
This is a beautiful rural scene, so peaceful. Glad to see you back.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Hope you feel better soon.That is a gorgeous picture.
Barb said…
Love your rural scene! It makes me a little homesick. Feel better soon!
Brian King said…
Beautiful scene! I hope you're feeling better and can find a printer. You have fantastic photos that would look awesome on the wall!
Get well soon! That picture makes me want to be on that road. So lovely.
Pat Tillett said…
I love that photo so much. I'd love to drive, bike, or walk down that road.
Hope you feel better soon.
GreenComotion said…
Beautiful scene, well captured, Felicia.
Enjoy your Easter Holiday!
Peace :)
Carola Bartz said…
I can see why this is one of your favorite images - so beautifully caught. I love the calm atmosphere in it.
Lady Fi said…
What a lovely shot! I really hope you feel better soon.
Connie said…
That photograph is amazing . . . Love it!
That winding road and the buggy being the only thing you see on it and then the big old farmhouses. It just looks so relaxing . . . simpler life . . . filled with love and family.
Have a lovely week.

Connie :)
Rose said…
I can see why you love the shot...I like everything about it.