Friday, April 29, 2016

Apple Blossoms

Evening friends. Hope you've had a good week. I had a chance to get out again and capture some spring time images. 

Tonight I'd like to share some images of apple blossoms. 

Sharing with Nick at FLORAL FRIDAY FOTOS

Stop over and visit to see more beautiful flowers from around the world.

I wish you all a safe and wonderful weekend. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Few More Peak a Boo Barns

plus some dandelions.

Yep we have lots of dandelions again.

It was a beautiful weekend so I was able to get out and about with my camera. Here are some sights I found. 

I'm sharing my barns with Tom @ Backroads Traveller for



Make sure to visit each meme to see more images and you can join in the fun and add your own images.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello Again Hello

Now I'm singing that Neil Diamond song, lol.

How is everyone doing?  

Well I have cut my hours at the personal care home to 8 per week and I'm working at the funeral home 5 days a week again and more if needed. I was trying to do both jobs but I can't do it any more.  So I'm glad I'll be home more in the evening now.  

I have been able to take a scant few images with my cell phone. I haven't been out with my big girl camera for so long. Hopefully I can get out there again soon. 

As you can see from my pic we still have leafless trees on the mountains.  The grass is green and I'm sure the leaves are beginning to bud so they will soon be here. The dandelions are in full bloom too.  I'm disappointed....we had a hard freeze and the magnolias won't bloom this year.

There is a barn roof peeking over the hill if you look close. I want to get back to the same place and get some images of it. It's a special barn. 

I will be able to get around to visit you all again too. 

Take Care Felicia