The Nomad Kitchen

I found this little gem while out driving one evening back in September.  I just had to get some snaps of it so I could share with you all. 

Isn't it a beauty. Apparently this Kitchen really goes to events in our area and sells food.  They must even sell hot food because you can see a propane tank strapped to the back of the van.  Little red shutters that open .

Flip up board to set the food on.  Horseshoe over the door for good luck.  Funky paint job.

And how do you like the hood ornament? Pretty cool huh. 

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Have a good week everyone. 

Oh and on a side note.  What do you do when the lift lever for your recliner breaks.


Hey it works.  😊😉


Thank you for your kind comment:) I love this kitchen - they decorated it so cutely!
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Love the colorful truck. Must be fun to see. How in the world did you fix the chair?
Mildred said…
That is the cutest food truck ever! What imagination folks have!

As for the recliner...whatever works.

Have a nice week and all the best in the new year.
The Furry Gnome said…
Yes, that's a cool food truck. Wonder how the food is!
Linda W. said…
Food carts are the "in" thing here in Portland. They're all over the city. You can get some really great eats!
Tom said…
Hi Felicia, I've always thought that a pair of vise grips could fix just about anything! Good old yankee ingenuity. You sure can find some funky stuff out there, if you keep your eyes open. Thanks for sharing your "treasure" and I hope that you unearth another one soon.
Hello Felicia, it's been a long while since I've visited... had a long break.
I absolutely love the food van, I too could not have resisted taking photos of it either. That pretty blue, the shutters - the owners have a lovely sense of humour obviously with that hood ornament! A great find.

Oh and I think your improvisation is perfect... always another way round a problem. Good one. Cheerio for now, Sue :D)
Paul said…
Nice find on the food truck, love it's hood ornament.

I'm laughing about your recliner repair. "Vice Grips" are the next best thing to "Duct Tape" and "Bailing Wire"!
Mersad said…
Wonderful find Felicia. Saw that last image of yours on fb this morning as well :) You got really creative there.
Also it's nice to see some greenery in those images. Winter has been very barren here.

Mersad Donko Photography
Mascha said…
Very pretty truck, would like to eat anything from it.
Many alldays things are working with our creativity, I well know that...
Happy New Year
NC Sue said…
Very cool kitchen.
Glad you found a solution for the recliner handle, but looks like you need to pay attention or you'll damage your hand reaching down blindly for it!
Thanks for sharing at
Sandra said…
the recliner is SO my HUBBY... and I do love that paint job on this cute kitchen, my favorite part of it being the little red windows.
here is the link to our rake repair job. I should say Bob's repair job.
see what I mean?
Debby Ray said…
Oh wow...that is beyond cool! I love everything about it...what a novel idea! That recliner fix looks just exactly like something my son Aaron would do...LOVE IT! I hope your Christmas was a good one and that maybe in 2017 our paths may be able to cross :) HUGS! ♥
Brian King said…
Nice food truck! In the military we would have called it a "roach coach" and it wouldn't have been as nice. I'm laughing at the vise grips, but they work, right?
Jedidja said…
That is a nice one!
I have a handle like that in my basement
Carol Mattingly said…
That is such a unique food truck. The turquoise seals the deal on it but that chicken on the front is priceless. Yes, great idea to fix that recliner. Happy New Year Felicia. Carol
Ela said…
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas !!
Happy New Year !!
Melissa said…
All great shots! This post made me smile. They have tons of food trucks in Portland; it's their thing. I've never seen one with a chicken hood ornament though! That's my favorite part. :)
Ruth Hiebert said…
Cool food truck. The 'new' handle on the recliner is very innovative. Gotta do what ever is needed to make it work.
Revrunner said…
Looks like someone was "shifting gears" a little too hard. :-)
Cute food truck- I bet they get a lot of business! Cool repair- if it works, go for it is what I always say!
Amy Franks said…
I just love it, they've decorated it in a sort of hippy-ish way I think.
rebecca haegele said…
Amusing...both the truck and the lever.
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Felicia,
Funny shots of this driving kitchen.

I wish you all the luch and health for 2017!!

Kind regards,
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Felicia! I love the food truck, awesome. The hood ornament is great. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead. I wish you all the best in 2017, Happy New year!
Helma said…
Cette cuisine est très agréable à voir.
Aussi très gai avec des volets rouges et lettres jaunes.
Le coq ou de poulet avant est un véritable accroche-regard.
Trouvé beau et magnifiquement photographié.
Salutations, Helma
Michelle said…
LOVE that kitchen on wheels and that chicken on the front! Awesome!
Bethany Carson said…
Ha! I like how you use that clamp on the recliner! Nice. The Nomad Kitchen looks like a fun place to eat. I remember a similar truck that sold very good Mexican food at an event I went to several years ago, but it was not nearly as neatly decorated!
John's Island said…
Hi Felicia, I enjoyed this post. Perfect fix on the recliner! Happy New Year to you and yours!
Lady Fi said…
Love your improvised lever! And such a colourful truck!
Rose said…
Happy New that kitchen on wheels!

About the recliner, if it works, it is good. You are resourceful!
Rose said…
Forgot to say Happy New Year!
Food trucks are becoming so popular and that one looks like a real winner.

I'm impressed that your wrench kind of matches your color scheme. If my recliner lift lever breaks I hope I'm not in the chair at the time. I might never get out.