I Like my Broccoli Macro Style

I belong to a photography group on Facebook called "Macro Photo Challenges". 

Every week the admins come up with a challenge for that week and that's is the only photo you are allowed to post.  There is no prize money but a judge chooses the winners and finalists (runners up).  
They have a gold for 1st place, a silver for 2nd place and a bronze for 3rd place. Then they choose five finalists too. 

This past week the challenge was Fruits and Vegetables. 
There were alot of entries and I didn't want to do the same as everyone else. 
It took me awhile but finally I thought....Broccoli. 

This is the image I entered. 

I was awarded a finalist.  

Here are a few other images I contemplated on but didn't enter. 

Oh and the week before the category was cutlery. 

This is my Gold prize winning entry. 

Sooooo how do you like your broccoli??

Well I'm off to work now. Have a great evening everyone.

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Barb said…
Congratulations on your beautiful Macros, Felicia. I'll never look at broccoli the same way again!
Tom said…
I'm glade that you told me what I was looking at!
Lois said…
They are absolutely wonderful and I'm not just saying that because broccoli is my favorite vegetable!
Bethany Carson said…
Oooh, your broccoli looks awesome! If the broccoli delivered to President George H.W. Bush looked this good he might have kept it just to decorate the White House with. I'm not a huge broccoli fan either, but I do like cheesy broccoli soup...and sometimes if it's boiled just right, it's good too. Great shots! Love the one of the fork too.
I just love the taste of broccoli, and I love how you've photographed it.

All the best Jan
Michelle said…
Gorgeous! I also really like the 3rd photo. I prefer mine steamed :)
Brian King said…
Fantastic photos! Great job!
Your photos are wonderful, Felicia! Congratulations!
Debby Ray said…
Well, these are just amazing, my friend! I have not seen that group but it sounds like great fun. These two are BOTH gold medal award winners. If one is not a member of the group, can they still get on and see the photos??
Debby Ray said…
Oh...I do love broccoli many different ways but a fave is drizzled with coconut oil, salt and roasted on a cookie sheet :)
The Furry Gnome said…
Your photography is getting pretty fancy! Neat images!
Ruth Hiebert said…
Amazing photography!!!
FANTASTIC I like the 3rd Broc. shot and the food is brilliant
Mascha said…
Wow, the cutlery photo is really great and brokkoli I like mostly #3.
Very picturesque (and yummy, of course)
Enjoy the last summer days
Britta said…
Moin Feli :o)
Great shot from your broccoli! I like your photos!
Have a lucky week!!!!
Greatings from Hamburg
Amy Franks said…
That's so cool, well done :-)
Suza said…
excellent pictures. Very great! absolutly outstanding
Christine said…
So well deserved, Felicia! These are fantastic macro shots but I really like pic 3. The two buds look like they're in love!
Breathtaking said…
Hello Felicia!:) Congratulations!:) An interesting choice, and great images. I also like picture number three, and your fork image.
Gattina said…
Didn't know that Broccolis could look so beautiful !
NatureFootstep said…
Broccoli? I eat is so seldom I hardly recogniced it. Love the last shot of the fork :)
Sandra said…
I had no idea broccoli could be beautiful and I would never know that it's broccoli it's really really beautiful. And your gold prize winner is just stunning period congratulations
rupam sarma said…
Great clicks. Awesome

I REALLY should take off my 75-300 zoom one day.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Congrats on your gold prize! Gorgeous macros.

Happy Tuesday, have a great day and week ahead!!
Gabi said…
Hi, Felicia!
I am thrilled with your broccoli :)
But my favorite is the fork with the drop - great shot!
I really like your blog and your photos!
Greetings, Gabi

rebecca haegele said…
Love the cutlery image. And the ONLY way I like broccoli is macro.
Shantana said…
Congratulations and just loved your images!!Simply AWESOME!!

Greetings from Dubai and have a great day!!

Miguel said…
Excelentes macrofotografías.
Un saludo,
Revrunner said…
Gold! Congratulations!
Hi Felicia!
Your photos are so nice, I really like them and I also like brokkoli. ❤️
Best wishes,
Bill said…
I was absolutely knocked out by the second and third shots! Fantastic!
Lady Fi said…
Fabulous shots! So crisp and green.
baili said…
your camera has your heart as an eye through which you captured the ordinary thing so uniquely
amazing art dear ,congratulations for the award have many more
Sarah Carletti said…
I LOVE your images. Amazing how a simple vegetable is so beautiful. Love the fork too!
rreniaa said…
Congratulations! Real good work! Beautiful macros!
Hi Felicia-
I like Broccoli, but I love your photos more :)
Have a Happy Time!!!
Peace :)
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Stunning images Felicia, I would have given you multiple golds 😃