Sugar Valley Barns ~ Part 1

I'm not sure what happened but when I wanted to add a link I ended up with a double post and deleted one. 17 people had already commented and of course I deleted the one with all the comments by mistake so please if you commented I didn't delete it on purpose. Felicia

Mom and I went on a road trip on Saturday. The  valley to the north of us is Brush Valley and the valley to the north of that is Sugar Valley. 

There are some beautiful barns there. Here are a few we found. 

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A few more macro images. Hope you all aren't sick of macro yet. Just when I think I understand a bit more....then I don't, if you understand that. Anyway, I don't know the name of this flower but it sure is photogenic. I will share a few more next week too. 

I will find other subjects besides flowers, but right now they are the easiest thing to practice on. 

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Wishing you all a wonderful week. 


Linda W. said…
Lovely barns, especially the red one.
Bill said…
Love the first shot and the flowers. Well done!
Anonymous said…
These are very pretty pictures of this valley.
So beautiful photos, this has certainly been fun.

Greetings Eva
Mama Zen said…
Gorgeous shots!
i haven't gotten any macro shots at all lately -- not an easy thing to concentrate on when traveling; hope to get back to practicing one of these times. Flowers are pretty much the only thing I ever to get in that format. Yours are wonderful; those centers are like little worlds.

And of course your barns -- absolutely stunning.

(I did that post delete thing once too -- I know exactly how horrible you feel, but people all will understand -- I bet you and I are not the only two bloggers to have ever done that.)
Lady Fi said…
What gorgeous shots!
Rhonda Albom said…
Such perfect landscapes and beautiful barns.
Primitive Stars said…
Always beautiful shots sweet friend.Hugs Francine.
Anonymous said…
Such beautiful scenes! Brush Valley and Sugar Valley make for a very nice drive!
Lovely barns and flowers too! I love macro photos. I think the flower is a Zinnia, but I'm not shure :)
Lisa Kerner said…
I have a dream of collecting barns throughout the US. Your shots totally inspire me. I also really love the colors in your macro shots. Well done on both points.

Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens (
Revrunner said…
Those of us who live in the "city" grow a little nostalgic at the sight of fields of corn. :-)
Beautiful photos of the farms and the flowers. Such a lovely valley. The macros show the intricate details so well! x K
Don Smiley said…
Beautiful barns; that must have been a nice trip! I love the little stars that show up in your macros.

I've been getting double posts, too, whenever I update. Go figure.
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
Love your images! So bad there are not barns close to where I live. Not long time ago, I went to Central California and saw some. I didn't have to photograph them (ouch!).
jMo said…
I'm surely not sick of macro shots and am envious of yours. Great barns, I saw a nice barn shot possibility today while stuck in traffic, but didn't move fast enuf,
Love the barns and their surroundings. Nice macros too!
genie said…
Love your barns this week. Such beautiful rural vistas. I feel so badly for you deleting the wrong one and losing your comments. I have done it, and I wanted to cry. And there is nothing you can do to get them back. It is a bummer. So sorry. genie
Gorgeous macros! You must have very steady hands to get such clear photos.