Barns on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. It was a beautiful day here in Pa. Hope you all had a wonderful day.


Joining Tom today for the BARN COLLECTIVE.

 I've never shown you this barn before, no wonder....I don't like the electric lines but it is what it is.

 I've shown you this one before in the fall. One of my favorite barn scenes. 

 Laundry day at this amish farm.

I've shown you this one too but it was in the winter time.

Make sure you stop over at BackroadsTraveller to see more barns and join in the fun for 

Have a good week everyone. 


TexWisGirl said…
love them all, but the 2nd especially. beautiful area, always.
Tom said…
Felicia, you can't change things, only minimize them. As always a great collection of Pennsylvania barns. By far the last one is my favorite! Thanks for sharing and I hope that you will return.
eileeninmd said…
Hello Felicia, love all the barns. The last one is my favorite, I like the creek, barn and the silos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!
nice :)

I guess if you had some time on your could photoshop those highlines out *wink* ...I've done it before.
Michelle said…
These are all very lovely!
Revrunner said…
Electricity is nice. :-)
The Furry Gnome said…
You must have endless barns to get nice pictures of!
All lovely barn images. I love the clothes-line shot.
Hi Felicia,
Happy Sunday!
Exceptionally beautiful farm/barn scenes.
Love them all.
Take care and Have a Happy Week!
Peace :)
Linda W. said…
You have some lovely farm countryside where you live.
Christine said…
Hello Felicia & thanks for showing these barns again in a new season! They are so appealing & your photos are a pleasure to see!
Have a lovely week!
Lady Fi said…
Gorgeous shots.
Brian King said…
Love the view in the second photo! And the clotheslines! You don't see them much anymore.
Bill said…
As with many other, I really love that second shot. And the clothesline made me smile.
Linda said…
Love the clothesline and the last shot.
Debby Ray said…
I love them all, power lines and all. I feel like I'm sitting and watching fireworks on the 4th of July...OOOOOH!....AAAAHHHH! :)
don said…
A fine series of barns. Nice post.
Katarina said…
Great shots of interesting barns.
-Enjoy your week!
Amy Franks said…
yeah those power lines are a pain in the you know what...but love your photos though, love seeing the clothes hanging on the washing line.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
That's the trouble with electricity lines, they spoil many a photo :) many suburbs here have underground lines, not mine unfortunately :) Super series of barn shots as always Felicia.
Reminds me of some of the barns from my native many memories :)
Manja A. said…
Wundervolle Foto`s.
Ich komme wieder.
Liebe Grüße, Manja
Anonymous said…
That's a lot of laundry to hang. Lovely barn scenes.