Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Valley Fences ~ 23

Wow I almost forgot my "fence" post for today. I had it all ready last night and almost forgot to take it out of "draft" status.  Have a good one everybody.


Fall is always a beautiful time in the Valley.

Dusting off some more images from the archives of 2014.

I love to make images at this schoolhouse. There are always scenic views any way you look. 

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Trough Creek State Park

Saturday I was anxious to go on a road trip looking for more signs of spring.  I knew it was a bit early yet but nevertheless we started out anyway. 

I had 2 destinations in mind and one was Trough Creek State Park. You can learn more about it HERE if you would like.

Trough Creek is a scenic gorge formed by Trough Creek as it cuts through Terrace Mt. before emptying into Raystown Lake, my other destination. 

There was one particular sight in the park I was wanting to see but first a few other sights. 

As we drove along the creek we came to a picnic area and across the creek something caught my eye so I stopped the car, grabbed the tripod and camera and started through the trees.

I came to the edge of the creek, captured the above shot to my right and the shot below to my left. 

What had caught my eye was straight across the creek from where I was standing, 

a little stream tumbling down the rocky cliff and running into Trough Creek.

Back in the car I continued to my destination.  When I parked the car straight across the creek and up on a high bank was this sight. 

This is balanced rock, it sits high up on the gorge wall above the creek.  It is alot bigger than it looks in the picture. 

I once again retrieved my tripod and camera and started down the trail. At the bottom I came to the bridge that would cross the creek.

A suspension bridge.  Why could it not have been solid.  It made me a bit queasy after I crossed it.  Felt a bit like walking on a trampoline.  Anyway I turned right and started down the path

It looks smooth but was actually a bit rocky and I had to be careful I didn't turn my ankle.  I made this shot on the return trip. 

I finally arrived at my destination but I could hear it before I got there.

Rainbow Falls

from the left 

The last time I was here there was barely a trickle running so I was very happy that there was quite a bit of water. 

The little stream runs down one side of the gorge and joins Trough Creek below so there is a little bridge there.  The capture below was made from the bridge where you can see the whole way to the top.

straight on capture.

right side view.

I then walked over the bridge and up along side the waterfall on the other side to capture the top part.

I would estimate the waterfall to be about 30 feet maybe. It is very photogenic with all the layers of rock surrounding it.

Next week we will visit our second destination of the day, Raystown Lake.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mystery Flower ~ Bloodroot

Update ~ Thanks to Theresa and Carol who identified the flower as a bloodroot.

Mom and I went for a walk this afternoon. I found this little flower growing along side the road where I had never seen it before.

I think it may be a wood anemone but I am not sure.  It doesn't quite look like the images when I googled it. 

Can anyone positively identify it for me?

I would like to dig it up and plant it at my house. 

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Have a good week ya'll.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

I found this little ( I believe it is a cherry)  tree down by the creek

It has such beautiful blossoms. 

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Have a great weekend everyone. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Big Valley Fences ~ 22

Good morning blog buds. My I miss you guys. Good news is, I work today then I'm off for 3 days so I'm hoping to catch up with you all. 

Right now though its time for GOOD FENCES with our hostess Theresa at RUN AROUND RANCH. 

These images are from my stash of fall images from 2014.
Fall is my favorite time in the Valley. I love to see the patchwork of colors along with the moody skies. 

I shared at least one or maybe both of the last 2 captures but I thought they fit in well again. 

Of course I'm linking with TEX at RUN AROUND RANCH.  Drop over and see fence pics from around the globe.

PS. I forgot to tell you, as I'm typing its snowing outside my window. looks so pretty against the green grass.  cool huh???? :>)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Summer Sky & Barn Reflection

These images were in August of 2014.

 I've had it sitting in "draft" because I was hoping to get some comparison shots of the autumn leaves on the trees but I missed them.


Hope ya'll have a great weekend. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Big Valley Fences ~ 21

Good evening friends. I'm a bit late doing my Good Fences post.  Sometimes life just doesn't slow down. 


Going back to June and July of last summer for my images today.  Thanks for all the responses to my post last week. I'm glad you are not tired of seeing Big Valley Fences.  The valley does have some amazing scenery and I'm sure there is some I have missed.

So here are today's selection of GOOD FENCES.

 The mountains you see in the background are the beautiful Appalachians that run through the central part of Pennsylvania.

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Make sure you stop over and visit Tex and others from around the globe to see more great fences. 

PS ~ I just wanted to again say a big Thank you to all my new followers and especially my older followers who have stuck with me.  THANK YOU.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Signs of Spring

Spring is slow in coming to my part of the world.

I went for a walk last night looking for some more signs and this is what I found.

 I have no idea what flower this is but it sure is pretty

 there will be lots of magnolias.

 I couldn't see any buds on the tree but I'm sure they are up there.

 a lonely little crocus.

 japanese maples are getting buds.

and so are the lilacs. 

Happy Spring.  

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