Big Valley Fences ~ Part 6

Happy New Year everyone.

As I was catching up on blogs last evening I noticed that it seems to be customary for bloggers to review and share their most popular posts on the last day of the year.  I was kind of curious about this anyway, so I started doing some looking into my stats.

My year just started in May so I won't have a full year review, but I'm working on stay tuned.

But for Good Fences time.

I was messing around with the HDR setting on my camera when I made the above image. It did not come out at all as I was shooting right into the sun.  I tried to fix the image in Lightroom and this is how it turned out. 

I also applied a texture to tone down the sky and then I turned it into a black & white image too.  So for a crappy image....well its at least viewable because I wanted to show you the really neat bumpy road and the fences on either side. 

The next image is just a neat chippy paint corn crib that I thought would look good in b&w too. 

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TexWisGirl said…
nice! the road looks like a water stream in the color version! :) thanks for sharing all you do from your lovely part of the world!
Jannibele said…
Wish you all the best for the New Year!
I like them all in colour or black & white :) But the last one is my favourite :))
Wish you a very happy New Year!
By the way, I added my fence post to my new years post :)

eileeninmd said…
Beautiful images,Felicia! Always a treat to visit your blog..The color shots are my favorite today.. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!
Gorgeous pictures, Felicia!
My best wishes for 2015 to you and your family!
orchid Miyako said…
Oh, How amazing, Felicia♪♪♪ The contrast the colored and monochromatic is wonderful. And the road in second picture sure looks water stream♡♡♡

Happy New Year and may the new year be the bright, healthy one for you and all of your loved ones, my friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Gosia k said…
they are a great photos. Have a peaceful and healthy 2015. Gosia from PL
Linda W. said…
I like your black and white shots. Happy New year!
EG CameraGirl said…
It all looks so neat and well-scrubbed. :)) Happy New Year, Felicia!
Revrunner said…
Good job! To hard a choice for me, especially when I'm still half awake from the festivities. :-)
Karen Schurr said…
Happy New Year, Felicia! Gotta tell you, I like the 1st scene in BW better, and the 2nd in color better. Both shots are wonderful, though. Love your compositions regardless. Looking forward to sharing the New Year's shots :) Hugs.
Both B & W and colour images are excellent. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.
Kaya said…
HDR came out so beautiful and realistic!!! Love them a lot!

Happy New Year to you, Felicia!
Terri Buster said…
These are great edits and really nice shots. Happy New Year!!
Stephanie said…
They are stunningly beautiful both images as color and black and white. Love that road!
Very cool

You KNOW I love the before and after.

Awsome shots.
Ida said…
Fabulous both in color and BW. I think that first one in the BW though really caught my eye.

Happy New Year.
DougPhoto2009 said…
Felicia, nice contrasting photos. Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing.
Brian King said…
Both of those are beautiful scenes! Love the road in the first one!
I love the first b & w and how the white fence really pops in the second fence.
Karen S. said…
Wow, totally lovely each and every way!
Bethany Carson said…
Enjoyed your shots! Happy New Year!
Great effect on the first photo Felicia, it turned out wonderfully! Happy New Year to you and yours!
NatureFootstep said…
I love the black and white ones. Beautiful :)
I'd say you did a mighty fine job of 'fixing' there! Great barn and that road is wonderfully bumpy and curvy!
Birgitta said…
Fabulous photos! Like them all!
Tom said…
I like your crappy images
Tom the Backroadd Traveller
Bob Scotney said…
The second b&w really stands out.

Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
I could have sworn I commented on your fences, but I must have erred somehow.

These are lovely fence scenes, and I really like the "chippy paint corn crib." That's my favorite kind of capture. :)

Thanks for stopping by to comment on my 'Happy Horse Tracks Motel' photo.

Hope your new year is starting out well!