Shaggy Mane Update

Last week I posted here about a funky looking mushroom I had found. I had googled it and thought it to be a shaggy mane, but I was not completely sure. 

But now based on another blogger's id and the progression of the mushroom as described on the link from last weeks post, I believe this is a shaggy mane (edible-please use caution) mushroom.

I'm going to show you some before and after pics today so you can see the progression for yourself.

 before ~ mushroom I showed you last week ~ image made 10/26

 after ~ image taken 10/28. see how the bottom is turning black.  This is one of the evidences of shaggy mane. you would need to read the link from last weeks blog post to see why they do this, I can't remember, something about the spores.

after ~ image taken 10/28, the underside of the above mushroom. you can see it did develop a bit of a stem. 

before ~ remember the "father, mother and baby"? this image made 10/28, they are a little bigger.

 after ~ see how the bigger one developed a stem, this image made 10/30

different angle ~ after, turning black and melting. image made 10/30

before ~ image made on 10/28

after ~ melting and turning black, image made 10/30. this is the one where I seen the most drastic difference.

Unfortunately I went back on 10/31 but the guy has mowed the grass and run all of them over so I did not see there end. I can only assume it was a pile of what may have looked like black tar. 

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TexWisGirl said…
i've seen them on other blogs, but not in person. glad you could i.d. it for certain!
Stephanie said…
We have those mushrooms growing on the lawn here. I believe I did a blog post on it last year. Great images!
abrianna said…
Wonderful photo essay of the mushrooms. If I see interesting ones around I try to get shots of them before they are mowed down.
Cloudia said…
Your wonderful inquisitive eye brought us along an interesting series, F

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>
I've eaten shaggy manes in the past, boy do you ever have to clean them well or you end up with a plateful of sand and gravel! Interesting study of their life span Felicia.
Rivien said…
Good morning Feli!
Cool live photos from your mushrooms!
I like the black drops on it!
I wish you a wonderfull monday!
Hugs Britta (Rivien)
Gunilla Bäck said…
Lovely photos. Interesting to see the change in the mushrooms. Too bad they were mowed down.
Helga said…
On our meadows grow these mushrooms also everywhere. Nice pictures! Greetings, Helga
Anonymous said…
Beautiful clear photos! I've caught myself looking for and at mushrooms a lot more now in my
OK it is an amazing looking shroom and the progression is very interesting and I'm glad you showed it. But I still would be afraid to eat it. ;>)
Debby Ray said…
Wow...that is amazing how it transformed! Darn that lawnmower!!
Anonymous said…
How interesting to see the changes. I like the "family" shot.
Christian Weiß said…
Great observation of a strange organism.
Anonymous said…
They do get rather nasty looking, don't they? Thanks for your efforts to educate us.
Villrose said…
Interesting! Too bad the lawn vas moved...
The melting part of the last one is my fav: ♥
Hannah said…
I also find it hard to try those strange mushrooms, I think I may have actually cooked some shaggy manes but probably didn't eat much, just for a taste. They don't seem to grow here anymore. Cool photos!