A Glowing Tree

This is the view from my front deck.  I have watched this tree for the past few days. It is turning color from the top down.

This morning when I stepped outside I could not resist going back in to get my camera. 

The top of the tree looks like its glowing.  I'm waiting to see if it turns orange-red the whole way down. 

 I can't seem to get enough of our tree color this year. To me the colors seem more spectacular than the last few years. I must have 3-5 hundred images from this fall alone and its not quite done yet.

We are going to have heavy rain tonight and tomorrow so that will bring alot of the leaves down.

I hope you all aren't tired of fall images yet, because I have a bunch I would like to share yet.  I guess if you are.......you'll have to tell me to quit torturing you...lol

 this one was taken this morning. the color seems a little more saturated because of the early light.

this one was taken this evening. we had some great light going on and there were storm clouds in the sky.

I added a bit of texture to try to tone down the orange-red.

Stupid telephone pole. Why do they have to put telephone poles in the middle of my images?

Does that happen to you?


TexWisGirl said…
(yes.) :)

since we get so little fall color here, i'm enjoying yours. keep it coming!
bj said…
love seeing your beautiful colors..not much changing here in West Texas.
and, yes, telephone poles outside, cords inside. :)
Linda W. said…
I'm not tired of your fall color pics at all!
orvokki said…
Lovely autumn.
I have also discovered that the telephone poles or light bulbs or traffic signage is often in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Irritating :)
Beautiful fall colors, and I like your use of texture!
eileeninmd said…
I love your fall images, keep them coming. The tree is gorgeous. Lovely images, have a happy day!
A Quiet Corner said…
Hmmm....I've been doing the same out my great room windows! Great pix...:)JP
Trace4J said…
I love adore this time of year.
And I never tire of your beautiful photos.
Woolie Blessings
maryaustria said…
A wonderful scenery ... also with the telephone pole! :)
Bethany Carson said…
The colors are beautiful! Haha...yes...telephone poles are always getting in my way!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Keep them coming! I LOVE the fall...I've planted quite a few Maple trees this year around my place. IMO, it's still definitely worth taking the shot with poles and power lines in them!...I have many with such things...and am glad I still get to look at what was by them!
Frank said…
Enjoying your autumnal hues very much.
Primitive Stars said…
Morning Felicia, that is a beautiful shining tree, those colours are gorgous. Stay dry, Blessings Francine.
EG CameraGirl said…
I love this kind of light for photographing vibrant colours!
Kalantikan said…
I've been seeing autumn photos from blogs to blogs, from year to year, for so many years. Does that sound boring enough? I tell they never tire me, and i even anticipate them coming in redundance! haha
Debby Ray said…
It is stunning! It even looks brighter up against the cloudy sky. We are finally starting to get some color here...also having TONS of rain so I hope there are some leaves after it is all over with! I hope to get out this weekend and snap some...it's supposed to be cool and beautiful!
don said…
A fine capture of your beautiful autumn leaves. Ours here are a mixture of good color and far too many just turning brown instead of becoming fall colors.
Rivien said…
Hi Feli,
the telephone pole ar so cool in the middle of your photos! And wonderful color of the harvest three! I like it!
Hugs from Hamburg
Yes, the telegraph pole always likes to photo bomb doesn't it?! In my opinion there can never be too many autumn photos xx
Helma said…
Superb. What one beautiful colors.
Very atmospheric!
Anonymous said…
Your fall photos are all gorgeous, don't know how anyone would get tired of seeing them =) Thanks for stopping by Sanukipity (and I have too much ernest money in the house already to walk away, but yea, never been through anything like this on the other 3 I have bought).
Anonymous said…
Your fall photos are all gorgeous, don't know how anyone would get tired of seeing them =) Thanks for stopping by Sanukipity (and I have too much ernest money in the house already to walk away, but yea, never been through anything like this on the other 3 I have bought).
Oh gosh telephone poles ... I supposed that someday there will be only cell phones in this world and photographers won't have them to worry about.

It doesn't really hurt the beauty in your pictures though -- nothing could dim those colors. I'm eating up the reds, which we don't have a lot of yet (maybe at all). Keep 'em coming.
Pamela Gordon said…
Gorgeous orange colours! Our two orange maples have been glowing for 2 weeks now and really light up the house on a sunny day. And yes, we have telephone poles and big power lines and towers in our view that annoy me but are a part of life for us. I like the edit you did to them. Beautiful!
Beautiful fall colors! We visited Wisconsin this past weekend and it was alive with color. Love your images!
Stephanie said…
I won't get tired of seeing your beautiful fall foliage. The colors are amazingly beautiful. You could try to photoshop the pole out of your photo.
It's an amazing scene and we don't even notice the pole. I have that happen all the time and wish I could smudge it out of my photo. You have some wonderful color this year! Hugs!
Barb said…
I'm never tired of fall images. I love the orange. I agree about telephone poles - and dumpsters!
Beautiful Felicia and I'd call the telephone company if I were you and ask them to relocate that pole ;O)
Felicia the barn pics from your last post are so cool. Love them! And I am loving your fall images too. It is just starting to cool here but remains dry. Your beautiful photos are satisfying me while I wait for our weather to turn.
Oh, wow....... this is really beautiful, Felicia. The colors are stunning. Some years ago I have seen this myself and I can imagine that you took so many pictures. Maybe you can try to "photoshop" the pole away. I think it will not be easy, but I agree that it's spoiling your picture. Thanks for visiting my blog. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke
I never get tired of your lovely photos! Such amazing colours! Here sadly a lot of the leaves has fallen already. Yes I also have problems with all the poles that disturb my photos.=D

Amy Burzese said…
Beautiful! And those utility poles and lines seem to be in all my shots. I guess we need that stuff though. :)
Gert said…
You are right, your tree is gorgeous! And yes...I seem to always have something in my photo! Electric lines especially! BUT...as someone once said, I really love that electricity!! Lol

NatureFootstep said…
lol, that´s a common place for all poles. :)
Mascha said…
Wonderful! I'm not tired... autumn is the perfect season for photos.
And: oh yeah, I know that, I would often cut down telephone poles or road signs for photography ;-)
Have a great new week

(I'm back from the hospital)