Wild Bird Wednesday

There is a dead tree down in the corner of our yard and there is this great snag right on the top of it. I'm always looking at it hoping that I will see one of our few eagles sitting there some day.

One day a few weeks ago I stepped out the front door early in the morning and glanced up at the snag.

There he was sitting majestically, scanning the skies.

No not an eagle but a red tailed hawk.....still beautiful. 

This image is not the best....he was a long way away...I'm still surprised it came out as well as it did and I thought it worthy to share with 

I was able to get four images and then off he went. 

Click on the link above the image to see more wonderful birds from around the world. 


Mersad said…
A simple but also very effective image. Love it.

Mersad Donko Photography
Hi Felicia,
this is a wonderful shot with this beautiful bird and a warm light. Amazing !
Best regards, Synnöve
Wow, good job catching it on a photo! Nice!

Breathtaking said…
A lovely early morning surprise, and great capture.
BumbleVee said…
You did well to get him at all.... great photo regardless of distance....
The Artful Diva said…
a snag - that is something new to me - nice capture
Debby Ray said…
They are beautiful birds. I see them every now and then in our woods and one day last fall he actually got brave enough to come perch in the front yard...had his eye on all of the little birdies on the bird feeder! :P
They are such powerful and gorgeous birds. We have lots of red tails around my hood too and I love to see them flying overhead. Great capture Felicia!
Gunilla Bäck said…
A very handsome bird.
Primitive Stars said…
Such a regal bird, Blessings Francine.
Brian King said…
He picked a nice perch, too!
A Quiet Corner said…
Hawks are so awesome to watch....nice catch!...:)JP
Stewart M said…
Any bird of prey day is a good day!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Marie said…
Patience and believing in good things! You were well-rewarded!
wonderful photo, raptors are such majestic birds!