The Old Woodshed

Last Friday I shared a post about the old woodshed window.

Yesterday I shared a sunset and the old woodshed.

Today I will tell you about The Old Woodshed.

This woodshed stands at the edge of our yard. Our home is on the property that my mother grew up on.  The old house has been torn down but the woodshed, a barn and a chicken house still stand.

The woodshed is over 80 years old. My Mom is 81 and says it was probably built before she was born. 

The wood is weathered and worn but there is still a timeless beauty to the old girl. She has seen a lot of storms come and go. 

 In the door to the left is where my grandmother stored her garden tools and in the door to the right is where they actually kept the split wood to burn in the stoves for the winter. 

The images are straight, the old wooshed is not.  She is a little crooked and sunk down at the one corner. Her tin roof has seen better days and the chimney is crooked.  If you go inside and look up she is coming apart at the peak of the roof. I hope she hangs around awhile yet. 

On a sidenote...notice the leaves, they are turning colors. Fall is approaching and I am happy. I love fall. 



Pamela Gordon said…
I LOVE your old woodshed. It has so much character in it's old age. I also hope it stands for a while longer. As for the changing leaves our maples are starting to turn and shed as well, which is beautiful. I'm not looking forward to the bareness of November and winter's cold though. Enjoy the day.
Linda W. said…
Such a cool old building. And double-cool that it's been in your family for so many years.
What a beauty! So nice photos with the colours of autumn together with the old shed!

Helga said…
Old but beautiful!
Tom said…
What a great old shed! Tom The Backroads Traveller
Stephanie said…
It is an old beauty with stories to tell.
I enjoyed "meeting" your wood shed a lot. It brings back some memories of our own shed, long since torn down. I'm happy that you understand and treasure its beauty.
s.c said…
Nice pretty decay here. I like it.
HansHB said…
A beautiful serie, well done!
Debby Ray said…
Oh wow...she's a beaut! What is it about these old buildings anyway?? I'm drawn to the like a fly to honey...I'm pretty sure many of us are :)
She's a beautiful old gal! Love her patina and slightly crooked smile! So many wonderful memories..... xo Karen
Brian King said…
How cool! I like the tin roof! The wood may be old, but it's a beauty!
Great photos! And it doesn't look like that poor old woodshed is going to be hanging around much longer. It's always sad to me when those old, loved buildings finally cave. :-(
Carola Bartz said…
This old woodshed has a lot of character. How wonderful to have something like this on your property. Lots of photo opportunities!
Wonderful, family history right at your fingertips.
It's a lovely old shed full of character.

A wonderful old building with a great history. - Margy
DeniseinVA said…
I love it, a beautiful old shed that I hope has a lot of years left.
Your wood shed looks so beautifully vintage and full of character, Felicia. I love its tin roof.
Rose said…
We had a woodshed but it is no longer there.

I loved these pictures and just the hearing of someone else having a woodshed brought back memories.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
That's a sweet looking woodshed. So much character and history to her.
Take 25 to Hollister
Marie said…
It's such a great old building! Beautiful images!
Hello Felicia
Oh I love the old wood shed, the iron roof and the unpainted boards and most of all I love the light in your beautiful photos.

Thank you for visiting my blog too.
Halcyon said…
Amazing that it has stood up for so long already. There is something so appealing about "old stuff". I'm sure this shed would also look great in black and white!
Roan said…
Oh to have such a beauty to see every day. The weathered wood and rust sure looks pretty next to those yellow leaves. I like fall, but dread winter. Thanks for linking up!
Molly said…
What a great little building, it looks like it could tell a story or two

Gail Dixon said…
Your description of the shed at the end sounds like me! "A little crooked and sunk down...." ha! What a special place. I love fall, too and cannot wait for it to arrive.