The Old Woodshed ~ Black & White

A few of you mentioned it and I thought about it here ya go. 

Which one do you like best this one or color image HERE ?


Stop over and visit Adrienne to see more great B&W images. 


Hi Felicia,
this is a wonderful image in black-white. I like the roof and the old wood. Amazing !
Best regards, Synnöve
Stephanie said…
I like both styles.
I like the b/w image , my eyes are drawn towards the old and crooked wood.
I love Autumn truly being a Canadian with such short Seasons. I appreciate beauty of Fall.

So I went back to your colored and looked.

You stole my heart for your colored.

If black and white are a theme.
Then your black and white you stole my heart also again.

Love your photography.
HansHB said…
Beautiful b&w post!
My post at:
Adrienne said…
I love how the old wood and the roof stand out in the black and white. This is one of those photos that makes me want to linger and dream up a story to go along with it! Thanks for linking up!
Katrin Klink said…
A really beautiful picture!
Brian King said…
I'm a fan of B&W so I love this!
EG CameraGirl said…
I very much like the B&W as the lines and angles are so clear,
Firecracker Kid said…
Wow, the black and white really looks amazing.
Primitive Stars said…
Love the black and white, beautiful. Blessings Felicia.
Mitzi Rice said…
As beautiful as it is in color..I have to say it looks awesome in B&W. Of course, I am a fan of B&W photos...but still...gorgeous.
Grandma C said…
I like this one. It has that great great grandfathers place or Dueling Banjo's feel to it.
Susan (ABON) said…
They're both beautiful shots, but I like the B&W best.
LV said…
Both are nice, but I tend to go with color. Love fall leaves.
DeniseinVA said…
As beautiful in black and white.
Tammie Lee said…
gosh, i like them both, a hard choice

i sense black and white supports the age of this wonderful shed
Black and white looks so wonderful!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful! I love the black and white. Hugs and blessings!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
It's a tough one Felicia, love the b&w but the autumn touches in the colour shot are pretty fab :)
Beautiful black and white photo, Felicia!