Hello friends. Happy Labor Day. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Something a little different today. 

We have alot of bittersweet that grows near us. Now this is not the woody nightshade but another climbing plant that bears orange berries encased in yellow shells.  

We have always called it bittersweet and I could not find a correct name for it so if anyone knows please let me know.

 Yesterday I picked a sprig and brought it home. It has opened nicely already.  It is early this year and I wonder if that means and early fall and winter.

Anyway, I use it for decorating my home in the fall. I love to put it in my stoneware jars and baskets.

On a side note...... I also found these tiny delicate blue flowers.

Can someone id them please...are they forget me not's?


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TexWisGirl said…
didn't see the blue flowers, but i love those berries!
Anonymous said…
What delightful arrangements!
Mersad said…
I can't help you with the id, but they are great. I hope the bittersweet keeps up well over fall so that you will have a nice decoration.

Mersad Donko Photography
Stephanie said…
Sorry, I don't know either. They are quite pretty.
Katarina said…
Love your still life photography! And the blue ones sure look like forget-me-nots.
Pamela Gordon said…
Your photos are really beautiful! I love the pottery with the bittersweet (I think) in it and the blue flowers sure look like forget me nots. They are blooming late. Have a good week.
Annemor said…
I think teh blue ones are Forgetmenots. And your bittersweet is delightfull.
Have a nice day.
Great picture, the combination with the colorful berries is very delicate.
DeniseinVA said…
I have never seen this bittersweet before and it looks lovely decorating that pot, which I love. What a gorgeous pot! Your blue flowers do look like forget-me-nots. Happy Labor Day :)
This looks like Oriental Bittersweet. We have it here in NC and I always loved bending it into wreaths and using it all over in Fall decorations. Yours is beautiful! Enjoy your day!
Gert said…
Love how you decorated with the bittersweet! Those Forget me knots are so-so pretty! Great finds!

Rivien said…
I love the little flowers! Wounderful!
Have a nice week!
Hugs Riv
Those red berries look really nice in your house!=)

Gunilla Bäck said…
The berries are beautiful. The colours look good against the grey. I think the blue ones are forget me nots.
Leovi said…
Yes, it's wonderful framing, delicious colors and details! Nice pictures!
Montanagirl said…
Wonderful berry decorations! The blue flowers sure are delicate and so pretty!
Anonymous said…
The bittersweet berries look so beautiful with the stoneware. It does seem to be early to find it. The little blue flowers are also lovely.
oh the berries are very decorative at this time and how they are displayed.
Brian King said…
It's got gorgeous colors! Very vibrant.
Daniel LaFrance said…
Your setting is exquisite; beautiful composition!
orchid Miyako said…
Wow; I really LOVE the arrangement of the berry and stonewear as it has a slight taste of Japanese atmosphere♡♡♡
BTW, my first name is something to do with the flower 'forget me not'. I'll paste the page I wrote about it which also has anecdote about the name of the flower.

I'm not forcing you just in case, my friend. I was happy seeing the flower my name with it.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Can't help you with the name of the berry but what a gorgeous display Felicia! And the pretty blue flowers certainly do look like Forget-Me-Nots although I thought they usually bloom in Spring? Pretty whatever they are!
Mascha said…
Beautiful pictures, lovely decoration. The first plant I don't know, the small flowers are Forgetmenot, Vergissmeinnicht, незабудьки, myosotis in latin. I have they in my garden.
Jedediah said…
I haven't seen bittersweet with orange fruit before, that looks gorgeous. I had one pop up in my flowerpots last year, with black fruit, I have no idea where that came from, Some bird poop, probably.
Anonymous said…
Nice shots I really like the delicate flower in the pot.
You've done some stunning shots, Felicia!

Thanks for stopping by all the time & leaving words ... Frauke

Have a happy week!
Anonymous said…
The berries give your pretty crock a look of fall. Love those blue flowers!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh I love decorations using Mother Nature... Very pretty and clever.. Thank you for posting to Nature Notes.. Michelle
Tom said…
There are two dioecious vines with yellow and orange berries commonly called "bittersweet." They look very much alike. One, an innocuous vine indigenous to North America with smooth stems, is Celastrus scandens, also called "American bittersweet." The other, an exotic vine that is among North America's most invasive plants and whose stem bears blunt thorns, is Celastrus orbiculatus, or "oriental bittersweet" vine. Another way to istinguish between American and oriental types is by discerning the location of their berries: the berries of American bittersweet plants appear at the tips of the vines only, while those of the oriental type grow along the vine. Tom The Backroads Traveller
Leora said…
Your bittersweet looks lovely with the pottery.
Janice Adcock said…
that is a handsome crock holding the bittersweet. Lovely shots.
Rose said…
I love your bittersweet is one of those plants that really appeals to me. Being put in the stoneware really adds to the beauty. The blue flowers are beautiful, too.