Outdoor Wednesday

My I find it hard to believe that July is almost gone already. I heard my first cricket chirping last evening when I went to bed. I like to let them sing me to sleep and I've seen the first katy did of the season. 

I went back to a spot i had been earlier in the month and already found some differences in the flowers.

These are milkweed blooms

 Beautiful, aren't they?

BTW am I crazy or does anyone else see Elsie the Borden Cow in these last two images?

Ok, I thought I was crazy, must be the heat.  Anyway the above images were made on July 6th

Today the milkweed looked like this. 

They are in pod already and soon the white fluff will appear.

The change has already occurred with the wild thistle.

from this

to this.

Yes time is marching on....soon it will be Fall, my favorite time of the year to make images.

What is your favorite time to make images?



Mersad said…
Lovely nature images. So much green. Very soothing for the eyes.

Mersad Donko Photography
TexWisGirl said…
someone else just posted milkweed blooms and said they looked like molars. and they do!
Linda W. said…
Nice flower photos.
Marie said…
Really beautiful shots! I am dreading August now...it's our hottest month and we've already had some 114 degree days! be glad when it's--November! :-)
Marvelous photos of the tiny flowers and the buds. So beautiful !
Best regards, Synnöve
Primitive Stars said…
Gotta love those blooms and buds. Fantastic pictures Felicia, Hugs Francine.
Brian King said…
Gorgeous detail! Very nice!
Carver said…
Great shots. I love seeing the different stages.
Liz said…
Beautiful macro shots!
Rebecca said…
I love milkweed. - Especially for the Monarch butterflies it attracts and supports. Great photos. :)
Amazing transformations, aren't they? Can't believe that July is nearly gone. I think Spring is my favourite time to take pictures, all the green after so many months of white.
orchid Miyako said…
Oh, what magical changes milkweed has♡♡♡ Thank you very much for sharing the gorgeous pictures. Oh,I'm already having summer weariness, p;)

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs to from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Thanks for bringing the milkweed plant up close and personal. They are certainly lovely aren't they? Excellent photographs. I love fall the best too but then winter is only a blink away. Last winter was so rough I'm actually not looking forward to spending time shoveling and shoveling and shoveling. I'm going to have to work on attitude this winter. I didn't like winter then when I retired I did but now I am questioning my sanity rofl. Enjoy the summer while we can is my new motto.
JM, Illinois
barbara l. hale said…
Love this post and looking at the changes. Our milkweed is podding up, too.
Helma said…
July is indeed already over after tonight and then we are already in August!
It's all so hard. Beautiful little flowers show you here. The milkweed I do not know, but the wild thistle though. Very nice gefotograeerd.
Kind regards, Helma
Breathtaking said…
Beautiful images of the milkweed. I am not familiar with it, but the flowers are pretty.
Gail Dixon said…
LOVE the milkweed blooms! I need to attract some for the butterflies.

My favorite time for photography is FALL. Cannot wait!
Connie Smiley said…
Such beautiful images; I love seeing the changes. As for Elsie, did anyone ever tell you that you have a vivid imagination?
I also love autumn, Felicia! There were more oak trees and foliage when I lived in NY, but Colorado has beautiful golden aspen tress to photograph.
Gorgeous shots, especially the last two - and the very last one is my favourite. Yes, I saw the cow too!