More Roadside Treasures

I was wandering along the roadside again on Sunday looking for images.

People must think I'm crazy when they see me out there with a camera.  They would be amazed at what they would see too if they would just stop and look.

I was actually after an image of the common teasel coming into bloom.  I found it and posted in on Monday HERE if you would like to see.

Here's what else I found. 

 My first dragonfly capture ~ an ebony jewelwing.  I had to be really fast cuz he kept flitting around.

 Another beautiful butterfly ~ the Pearl Crescent.

This butterfly is small about 1& 3/4 inches across. My first image is cropped pretty close to give you a better view. 

These pretty blue flowers ~ don't know the name, maybe someone could id them. 
They sure are pretty though. I never paid much attention to them until this year.
Chicory ~ Id by Theresa at Run Around Ranch. Thanks

And last but not least.....this little guy.

don't know what kind of bug it is, but he was sitting on the Queen Anne's Lace just like the Pearl Crescent was. They must like the Queen.

So what did you find along the roadside this week?



TexWisGirl said…
chicory, i think. i love the pearl crescents! tiny little bits of magic!
Melanie said…
Oh, wow, these are beautiful!! I know people probably think I'm crazy too with my camera. :-) Oh well!
Rambling Woods said…
I love your photos and now I know what that plant is. I wish I knew what the bug is... Michelle from Nature Notes
Stephanie said…
Thanks for the ID of the Queen Anne Lace flower. All stunning images!
Carraol said…
Beautiful images, those little friends looks amazing!
Karen said…
Oh gosh, gorgeous macros!
Linda W. said…
Nice macro shots. Love the butterfly!
Linda said…
Wonderful close-ups! The little flowers looks like chicory.
Gattina said…
Beautiful butterfly ! I seldom see a butterfly in our yard, years ago we had more !
Tammie Lee said…
treasures indeed!!!
Amy said…
oooh cool photos! I think the first one is my favourite.
orchid Miyako said…
Oh, my dragonfly lover husband got fascinated by the ebony jewelwing ♡♡♡ And other great nature pictures :-)

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
The saying "The more you look, the more you see" is certainly true from the photos you are sharing. Well done.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful shots. I have not seen that dragon fly before.
Gert said…
Gorgeous photos! I have seen some wild flowers this year all are so pretty!

Rose said…
Wow, you hit the jackpot with these! I would love to know what the bug is on the Queen.
Gail Dixon said…
Ever since I discovered the ebony jewelwing last year I have LOVED them. They ARE amazingly fast. Beautiful set of images depicting God's awesome creation.
such beautiful shots - everyone of them!
Montanagirl said…
Simply beautiful photos!
Wow! What great pictures!

Jocelyn @
Barb said…
Fabulous captures of insects and blooms!
Very pretty bugs and lovely shot of the chicory, we have that growing wild here too.
Trace4J said…
Over the moon for that dragon fly!
What a fantastic shot.
Great job.
Katrin Klink said…
Wow, the dragonfly definitely looks like a treasure!
NatureFootstep said…
a beautiful and interesting bunch. :)

I reopened an old meme this week. It´s called NF Winged. A meme for everything with wings. Maybe something for you?