Springtime Fences ~ Part 5

Good morning friends. 
Today we're going to end our spring time fences drive.  I captured all these images on mother's day so I think its time to finish them since its June, so here we go. 

Just past the little foal that ended last weeks post is another amish farm on the hill. The have lots of fences.

Another fence and more dandelions in the meadow.

See all the dandelions way up on the hill?

 Another upcoming farm. 

 This one has critters in the front field.

 Yay they had a buggy sitting out. I like to photograph their buggies.  And this was the last farm on Bower Hollow Road.

  Lotsa fences in this capture.

And lotsa dandelions in this one. This was taken right alongside the main highway.
A day or so later the dandelions were all mowed off so I'm glad I got the pic when I did. 

So that ends our Mother's Day Springtime Fences Drive. Still have lots of other fences though.

Linking with Theresa over at Run Around Ranch.
Stop over to see more great fences.

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Debby Ray said…
Lovely, lovely views and fences! These pics look like they could have been taken where I take many of my photos...in Fancy Gap, VA! I have many pics that look SO very similar...just beautiful!
Rebecca said…
Soooo beautiful.
TexWisGirl said…
just beautiful! enjoyed these views immensely! :) thanks for linking in!
bj said…
O, I love all your shares...you really take great photos...
Oh my what a perfect series for the fence meme. Love the views here, so beautiful and that barn... Oh be still my heart, love it!
Blackberry Lane said…
Really pretty photos.
Linda W. said…
Very nice rural scenes.
Mersad said…
Lovely and idyllic images. So much beauty in the countryside.

Mersad Donko Photography
Maria Ontiveros said…
They're all beautiful. The last three are my favorites.
Oh Felicia what wonderful photos of fences and scenery breath taking.

ladyfi said…
What lovely countryside!
Sarah said…
These are beautiful! I feel as if I've been on a bit of a vacation in the country. I'm not following along.
eileeninmd said…
Lovely farms scenes! Wonderful series of photos! Have a happy day!
Primitive Stars said…
Hi Felicia, I love the farm scenes, so pretty and great fences too, Blessings Francine.
Gerald (SK14) said…
we've had a lot of dandelions this year but the buttercups have been plentiful too.
CJ said…
I do love country fences --love the cows, too.

Thanks for stopping to view my fence this week.
Stunning....relaxing...serene. All rolled into one blog post. I'm lovin' it. [love the calves too!]
Trace4J said…
Oh my goodness.
You take the best pictures.
Just love your new blog.
Woolie Strawberry HUGS
Debbie said…
Lovely views, gorgeous images!! All of these country views are so peaceful and soothing!!

Love the barn!!
There are so many beautiful farms in that part of the country! And it's so pretty and green now! Very nice for good fences! Hugs!
LV said…
Thanks for a visit to the Amish country. Always wanted to go, so enjoyed it through your lens.
Lynne said…
Lovely photos of the countryside!
I enjoy seeing all the different fences across the country and world, how about you?
Roan said…
All are beautiful, but that last one is amazing!
That was a VERY enjoyable, scenic drive! I enjoyed each 'installment.' :-)

Gail Dixon said…
I feel like getting in my car and driving over there now. If only it wouldn't take two days. Seriously tho, such beautiful countryside. What a great Mother's Day!
Sheeps Peeps said…
What a wonderful series of shots... all just beautiful!
Thanks for taking us along on your drive Felicia, love the buggy shot!
NatureFootstep said…
cool to see how the dandelions follow the fence. :)
This is a beautiful collection of rustic fences! I love them all - it looks like such a peaceful Spring drive in the country!
orchid Miyako said…
Wow; I truly enjoyed visiting vast rustic country side farm scenery with your pictures. Glad that you could take the dandelion pictures in time♡♡♡

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Cheryl @ TFD said…
I love the country scenes, so beautiful! Thanks for visiting!
Terry and Linda said…
A beautiful world there!

barbara l. hale said…
Lovely rural scenes! Thanks for your visit to my blog!
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful fences, farms and countryside!
There's nothing quite like the rolling hills of a farm to bring a smile to your face. A beautiful collection.