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Crimson Clover


I'm sorry I haven't been visiting you all. My Momma had a nasty fall last night (Monday) and is in the hospital as we speak all banged up.

I've been doing alot of posts' lately on flowers. I just can't seem to help myself.  This time of the year there are sooooo many pretty flowers blooming and my macro lens seems to call.
This week Mom and I were running an errand when I found a whole field full of pretty blossoms.
As soon as I got close to them and seen the leaves I knew what it clover, or so I thought. After googling its actually crimson clover. You can read about it here
Anyway I brought a fistful home and got out my macro lens. 
They were kind of hard to photograph because its been a windy week here and wind and macro don't go together but i want to share them anyway.

click on the images to view larger.

I think it is beautiful and it has lasted a long time in the vase on my kitchen table.
Sharing with MACRO MONDAY 2 & IMA…

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