Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Mysterious Weather Rock

One Sunday afternoon last October 2016 when it was nice and warm, Mom and I went for a drive back in the mountains.  Did I ever tell you I love to drive in the mountains?  I think I've mentioned it before.  I think I was born to be a mountain woman.

Enough jabbering. Here are the some sights we seen that day. 

 spotted this little beauty shortly after we started back the mountain road.

 the amish family sure has a pretty view don't ya think?

We went clear back as far as the road would go.  Then we got out and walked to the creek. 

 Good ole Penns Creek was low from a dry summer but still good eye candy.  Down the creek.

 Up the creek. 

 I like these big ole rocks and I was standing on them making images when I heard crunching under my feet.

Seem like there was some other little critters that liked to take the crayfish up there and eat them. I was crunching on the remains. 

After we were done looking we headed back out and that is when we came upon the Mysterious Weather Rock. 

click on the pic to read it better.

Yep that pretty much explains the mystery doesn't it.  😉😊

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Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Sky

We had an ice storm Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday evening.  

The temps rose the next day and it was soon melted.  

I was out and about on errands Wednesday afternoon when I became aware of this unique sky.  Leftover remnants of the storm maybe, I don't know. 

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Patchwork

Yesterday Mom and I went on a road trip even though it was only about 19 degrees out. 

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house. 

So off course we meandered over through Big Valley and crossed Jacks Mountain so we could go to the Walmart in the valley on the other side.

We stopped at the top of Jacks Mountain to take in the vista. I bout froze my ears and fingers off. 😊

Click on images for a better view.
wide angle view

 left side

 middle view

right side

 zoomed all the way in 

 I just love the patches and the different colors

 more beautiful patchwork. 

this is across the road looking out over the other valley. 

We went on down the mountain and found this beauty at the bottom. 

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Have a good week everyone and stay warm. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year everyone. 

I seen a quote on facebook I really liked and didn't save it. Now I can't find it. 

So I created this image to read something like I remember it.

This really is quite true. Alot of people want things to change, but aren't willing to do anything about it. Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and be willing to start the changes with the person who looks back at us. 

Happy New Year to all my blog friends.
 Looking forward to another year of visiting each other. 

God Bless.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Nomad Kitchen

I found this little gem while out driving one evening back in September.  I just had to get some snaps of it so I could share with you all. 

Isn't it a beauty. Apparently this Kitchen really goes to events in our area and sells food.  They must even sell hot food because you can see a propane tank strapped to the back of the van.  Little red shutters that open .

Flip up board to set the food on.  Horseshoe over the door for good luck.  Funky paint job.

And how do you like the hood ornament? Pretty cool huh. 

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Have a good week everyone. 

Oh and on a side note.  What do you do when the lift lever for your recliner breaks.


Hey it works.  😊😉